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 We assist you in legal affairs in Iran.

 We are an Austrain Iranian Team.

 We support you in establishing your company in Iran.
 We consult you and assist you in finding clients and suppliers.

 We help you in public office matters and follow your already existing  cases in  public offices.
 We choose appropriate lawyers for your purpose and work together with  them and  follow your case constantly.
 We assist your civil law matters like heirship.
 We help you to find experts for special issues.

 We assist you in all matters of real estate like buying selling and  renting.
 We help you to obtain documents.
 We support you also in getting your old age pension in Iran.

Our Contact

                                            : 8113 St Oswald bei Plankenwarth  Austria

                                 :1613779115  Tehran  Iran


                               : (Iran) +98 9212202423

                               :(Austria)+43 6644749888

by Samadi 

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